Hank Dogs
Release information
Released: 31/01/04
The second Hank Dogs album "Half Smile" was recorded for Hannibal but never released by them eventually coming out in the US on spinART in 2002.

Things people in America said of "Half Smile":

"A weightless grace and fine melodic detail that evokes the early golden rays of Fairport Convention and the Incredible String Band. In three words: tender, sad, enchanting" - David Fricke, Rolling Stone

"Picture an enchanted forest, filled with lush, dewy foliage - and an
underbelly of musty decaying wood. Hank Dogs sings have this duality." - Billboard

The Spinney version has 2 never-before released tracks "Never Fails" &
"Heyday" which were originally recorded for the album but were not
included in favour of newer songs.
Track listing
01. Same New
02. Torture
03. Bed Of Rice
04. Half Smile
05. Let Alone Me
06. Women Who...
07. Whole Way
08. Little Door
09. Singers
10. Belief
11. Hollywood
12. Rise
13. Never Fails
14. Heyday