The Memory Band
Release information
Released: 25/09/04
This Is How We Walk On The Moon sees the band tackling an Arthur Russell cover and mixing vocal harmony tracks with instrumentals. The intention is to leave behind twentieth century notions of fusion and purity and to simply explore new musical languages, with plenty of singing and dancing on a Sunday. The entire body of music, from ancient to modern is regarded as fair game for plundering, reshaping and enjoying. Krautrock, hip-hop and northern soul are just a few of references that get thrown into the acoustic mix and by the magic of computers transported into the digital era.

All the tracks from The Memory Band’s legendary seven inch EPs make their debut appearances on CD as well as four brand new recordings. The first EP Calling On featured a title track inspired by the ancient rites of wassailing and made music from the booming sound of a rare bird which makes its home in reed beds with Once Bittern. Its follow up Fanny Adams (see above NME quote) alluded to a child brutally murdered in Alton, Hampshire in 1867 whose name has become a dark reference in the English language. It also showed the jazz side of the band on Catch As Catch Can which received some glowing reviews and plays on BBC’s Late Junction, XFM and across the globe. The album opens appropriately enough with The Theme For The Memory Band and closes with Last Orders.
Track listing
01. Theme for The Memory Band
02. Once Bittern
03. Catch as catch can
04. Madlove and the bee
05. No one else
06. Tomorrow
07. Ploughshares
08. Calling on
09. Out of town
10. This is how we walk on the moon
11. Fanny Adams
12. Last orders